I came across your writing from the non-binary being a cope piece, which was excellent.

I love your writing. I have no idea who you are, but I really hope you keep writing.

It honestly sounds like you've been through some tough shit. I'm not blowing smoke up your ass - we all have, and you seem smart and self aware enough to not be be soothed by false platitudes. But I hope you can find love for yourself and all the things that have happened to you which were outside of your control; even those things which seem like your fault, ultimately weren't.

Keep writing!

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Jan 23, 2022·edited Jan 23, 2022Liked by Molly Frances

Wow. This piece is nothing short of incredible. So f* raw. I relate to this so much, I think so many of us can, even if they’re not aware that their self-destructiveness is in fact this: pure insurmountable pain. Thank you so much for writing. Thank you so much for that grit that you carry inside that makes you keep going.

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